Why Choose Shower Doors Instead of Shower Curtains?

Shower curtains are undoubtedly the most popular method used to keep water in the shower rather than on the bathroom floor. They come in a mind-boggling array of colors and patterns and are inexpensive. But, there are other options available for those interested in something that’s a little more upscale and sleek – glass doors. They used to be too expensive for most, but now they’re affordable enough for most anyone’s budget. Why are so many people hiring glass installation dallas tx pros to install glass shower doors?

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Cleaning is Easier

Mold and/or mildew are common problems in bathrooms and both can be problematic with shower curtains because they’re not easy to get clean. Most people simply throw them out and get new ones instead, but with glass doors, there’s no problem because keeping the glass sparkling is easy.

Fewer Risks

We said it before, but it bears repeating: mold loves to grow in bathrooms. It thrives in the humid environment – especially on damp shower curtains. Glass doors dry more quickly than curtains which reduces the area likely to be affected by mold. No one wants mold in the bathroom – it can be downright dangerous. Why not take this small step to make your home healthier?


Tons of different shower doors are available so it’s easy to find something that accommodates both your budget and your style requirements. You will enjoy more natural lighting in the home and a ton of other perks, too.

Although you may spend a bit more money to add glass shower doors to the bathroom, it’s worth it from a cleanliness and health perspective, not to mention style. We’ve listed many reasons why it pays to upgrade to a glass shower door, but there are certainly more. Talk to a professional glass installer and explore your options. They’ll have the perfect product to give your bathroom the look and style you want.

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